Goalkeeper Glove Cut Guide

There are a wide range of goalkeeper glove cuts out there, including the more exciting "hybrid" cuts that we use ourselves. But don't worry, we're here to help and break down exactly what makes our cuts what they are.

Roll Finger

Roll finger goalkeeper gloves are one of the most popular and traditional cuts currently available. They are named "roll finger" due to the fact that the backhand is connected to the palm and does not use gussets. The result is the latex rolled/curved around the fingers which provides great latex contact with the ball, but is not as snug or tight as a feel in comparison to negative cut gloves, or hybrids that use negative. While it does provide a comfortable feel, some may view it as a slightly larger or "bulkier" cut vs negative type gloves. Our SLYR LTX model uses a squared Roll Finger cut and can be seen by clicking here.

Negative Cut

Negative cut goalkeeper gloves (and hybrids that utilise this style) have become increasingly popular over the past years, particularly across Europe. They are similar to the flat cut in that they use a single piece of latex attached to the backhand via gussets, the key difference is that the stitching/gussets are inside the glove. This provides a much tighter and snug fit with control on the ball that is more "true" to your hand. Due to this, gloves utilising this type of cut will wear slightly quicker than roll finger for example. For a better view of just what a negative cut is we recommend taking a look at our SLYR LTX Blast model.

Negative Roll

The Negative cut goalkeeper gloves cut is a hybrid style that combines negative and roll finger to produce an even greater level of comfort, fit and feel. The fingers are rolled in the same way any roll finger glove will, but the inside of the palm is stitched much like a negative glove. The benefits of this combination mean that if a snug fit is your thing and you are a fan of negative gloves, you can have an even better fit but with more latex contact on the ball thanks to the rolled fingers. For those used to a more open or loose fitting glove you may want to consider going one size up when choosing a glove with this cut, a great example is our SLYR LTX Blast which uses a neg-roll hybrid.

Flat Palm

The Flat Palm goalkeeper gloves cut is a classic and still popular cut to this day, and one of the originals to emerge once the goalkeeper glove market began to develop. On a flat palm cut you will see that its stitched gussets are located on the outside vs the inside of cuts that utilise negative, this gives a more looser feel. The cut also consists of one single piece of latex attached to the back of the glove, with the gussets in between the fingers and palm.

Hybrid Cut

The term "hybrid" simply means a combination, and does not actually refer to a specific cut. An example of a "hybrid" cut would be how our SLYR LTX Spark combines a pre curved flat palm with negative stitching for a snug and true feel even more so than a traditional flat palm. Or how our Nova Type 2 combines flat and stitch-less roll fingers to provide truly unique claw-like properties and fit.

Medius Cut

What we call a "Medius" Cut is a Hybrid Cut that combines negative and roll finger to create another unique feel and style. The middle two fingers are negative while the outside fingers are rolled. This was developed to create a snug and true feel for your middle fingers as they wrap around the ball where as the outside roll fingers provide that additional latex to ball contact improving grip in core ball to glove touch points. A good example of our Medius Cut can be seen on our GEO Zeus model.


Another example of a Hybrid Cut, we first introduced this to the brand in 2014 with the release of the Nova Type 1. It combines stitch-less roll fingers and flat palm to create a unique and comfortable feel that provides the keeper with a pre-curved shape developed to aid ball catching & control. It is a very snug fit and is a firm favourite amongst our One Glove Pro's. Those that are used to a more loose or spacious glove may want to try going one size up. For keepers used to a snug comfortable feel you will be right at home.

Cresco Cut

The "Cresco Cut" is a flat palm and roll hybrid that is wider than your standard roll finger glove. It features stitch-less middle fingers which extend further into your palm with flared finger tips that overall make it a great cut for smothering the ball. This cut will a bit looser and "boxier" than your traditional Roll Finger glove.

Ultra Flat

The UltraFlat is a unique hybrid cut that truly brings the traditional flat palm into the modern era. It combines a flat palm that has been pre-curved to aid ball retention, with negative stitching and internal non-slip silicone. This combination gives you the popular flat latex coverage the palm is known for, but also provides a more true and snug feel internally - making the glove an extension of your hand rather than an addition. After being so impressed with this cut, One Glove pro Allan McGregor made the switch from traditional flat, which he has worn his entire career, to UltraFlat. You can check out the cut in more detail on our GEO MCG model.

Total Flare

"Total Flare" is a hybrid cut which combines flat and flared outer roll fingers - this achieves a more true and higher latex coverage on key touch points in middle of the ball, while the flared outer fingers give that larger spread where there is naturally less of the ball to grip. It is a comfortable fitting glove that is not too tight, not too loose and would be best described as a "normal" fit.